Heinz-Peter Heinen
Heinz-Peter gained many years of international experience in leading industry management positions with an emphasis on long term profitability and value. Core-competencies ranged from machine and precision parts to international multi-billion listed conglomerates in the energy, mineral and restructuring sector with subsidiaries in USA, India, Australia, Saudi-Arabia and South-Africa. Heinz-Peter is currently member of a number of supervisory boards. In DB-H, he plays an active role as Chairman of the Advisory Board.

Enno Carl
Enno is Advisor to the Board of DB-H. As Insurance-Manager, -Broker and Alternative Risk Transfer Specialist, he has a special vision on business-opportunities and a wide range of invaluable contacts. After working with Bayer AG, Prudential, and Gerling Global RE, he advised on the structuring of key insurance transactions.