(Board of Directors)

J. William Hoppener
William is the Founder, President and CEO of the Swiss Holding and DB-H Group (the Holdings’ business-development and incubator sister-group). With an Engineering, Economy and Law background, he is a visionary driver, pushing the group to develop state-of the art, game-changing technologies and applications in the Finance, Technology and Resources Sectors. Basis for the management of the development of the Group are vast experience in business (he was co-owner and director of a urban development and construction group with a turn-over exceeding 1 billion DM and responsible for HR of 40’000 people), long term successful technology research and development with game-changing characteristics for the (petro)chemical industry, the IT-Industry, the financial and the energy sector, combined with international experience and intergovernmental relationships .

Christopher D. Kovarik
Chris is Vice-President and Co-Founder of DB-H as well as its CAO and DB-H Group’s Head of Administration. With extensive experience in budget driven for-profit and non-profit organizations, as well as managing time-sensitive productions, Chris brings a unique experience to the Group combining target driven performance and relationships.  

Directors / Associates

Martin Roeckner
Martin is Syndicus, Director and Co-Founder of DB-H, its CCO and responsible for Group Risk Management. He has his own Law- and Audit-Practice.
Before joining DB-H, he was the Head and Director of the Corporate University of Gerling Group, Director of World Wide Corporate Relations of Gerling and Director of the Treaty Department of Gerling Global Re. Martin has vast and invaluable experience in risk management and insurance matters, and working with people from different cultural backgrounds .

Rupert Heinen

Rupert is "Chargé de Bureau" of the Swiss Holding and official communications.

Veena Zacherau
Veena is DB-H's Zurich Office Manager and Investor Relations Manager. 
Before joining DB-H, Veena ran her own business which started at a young age in the international transport industry and evolved through business partnerships in i.a. Switzerland. She combines experience with both international and local know-how and target driven management. 

Wieslaw Wyszogrodzki (KBiF, DB-H Tech)
Wieslaw is the Business Development Manager for the Banking and Financial Sector. Previously he was the Chairman of the Banking Technology Forum at the Polish Bank Association after having been President of the Credit Information Bureau SA, (BIK SA) in which function he structured the development, implementation and initial operation of the company till the end of the term in office. Prior hereto, he has worked for the Polish Banking Association in various key positions, was the manager of the Bank Information Centre and co-author of the MIG Banking Register. He has been a lecturer at the Warsaw School of Computer Science specializing in IT-Management, Design, Data-Systems and their application in Banking and Administration. He is a Partner in BIG CONSULTING, DB-H’s Polish Application Development Engine

Paul Karwowski (DB-H Tech)
UK, Poland
Paul is a dynamic professional senior manager with extensive experience in developing growing businesses. He has a track-record in achieving performance targets and delivering results especially in the areas marketing and sales as well as operations in the financial and professional services sector. Having a profound understanding of both business and customer needs and a background in banking as well as commercial business, he is responsible for the implementation of CRA, iPaaS and L-Card systems and operations, and the implementation of an optimum expansion strategy. Paul is a Partner in BIG CONSULTING, DB-H’s Polish Application Development Engine.