In the execution and Management of Investments and Busines Operations, De Briel - Hastings ("DB-H") sets strict, ambitious standards and -even at arms-length basis- exercises strict control, provides capital and operational financing, with the objective to generate asset value and be the proportional beneficiary of the revenues generated in the business ventures.

The Investment Strategy has a long term view, investing in 

  • the Financial Services Sector and in integrated Operating Infrastructure
    (Banks, IT and Communication Services)
  • providing integrated operations services to regulated financial institutions,
    by the institutions internal  outsourcing of the entire information, technology and auxiliary infrastructure,  redefined as core components
    to co-owned specialist regulated services providers

generating Asset Value and attractive, stable Revenues

  • i.a. a fixed base-price plus incidental services charges, computed as annual  or monthly contribution charged to the end-user (account holder) as monthly, quarterly, annual account- or issue-fee or -contribution
  • in Partner- / Co-Ownership with the User Institutions
  • in a fully insured state-of-the-art multi-platform delivery model
    safeguarded by continually updated infrastructure
    supported by flexible and scalable specialist Human Resources
  • through a challenger bank model operated on both a stand-alone basis and (i.e. as white label solution) in partnership with other (banking) institutions